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In creating an inventive, beautiful, and personal oasis, in the city…

Susan Newell Custom Homes, LLC, applies a simple and tranquil style that accentuates the architectural austerity, while incorporating up-market products, unusual organic arrangements, minimalist lines & forms, all with an experienced eye.

Part of Susan Newell Custom Home’s artistic vocabulary is to redefine city living. Susan Newell works in collaboration with the architect and client/s to unite subtle mixes of classic touches, unique and diverse embodiments of American style, and new ideas of comfort and ease of care; all while exploring new territories of Custom Home design and construction.

KEY ASPECTS of ALL Susan Newell Custom Homes:

colors are endlessly interesting and original

consistent artisan applications of Traditional Techniques

absence of any superfluous ornamentation

rooms tastefully juxtaposed

impeccable, yet understated luxury living spaces

THE SPECTRUM of Susan Newell Custom Homes:

transitional strategies of self-expression, with a clarified sense of self; luxuriant grounds; and imposing architecture

a passionate advocate of European Spanish decor with it’s tribute to the inveterate collector whose taste ranges from plaster statuettes and antique religious icons and oil portraits, richly decorated with years of obsessive discovery

austere-looking, inspiring, unique beauty of various legendary, livable residences, whose owners inhabit their homes “poetically” and generously

elegant villas, with a sense of freedom, standing as tribute, truly a reflection of devoted metropolitan dwellers and their love for history within the urban city limits… a visionary approach to life and living… where everyone who enters is so much at ease in the ambience

the emerging modernity of American style: clearly expressed in clean lines and simplicity; immaculate white walls dominating; succession of adjoining rooms; revolutionary “space-age” family home… unstintingly hospitable… truly magnificent

For Susan Newell Custom Homes, restoration is as great an opportunity as new construction, bringing a sense of variations into the mix with a refined and peaceful new atmosphere, manifesting itself into a sum of colorful parts…

“Designer/Builders generally regale listeners/clients with the classic restoration tale which starts out with a dilapidated old ruin that ends up miraculously transformed into a stunning new custom home. But in this case, things work the other way around! Integrating an array of finishes and materials alongside a superb collection of objets d’art, with the aim to build or restore towards magnificent glory!”

“Could you ever imagine that this elegant, established home and garden were just built years ago.”

These are similar responses from clients in regards to some of the custom built homes that Susan Newell has amazingly and successfully produced.

From Classically transitional to European revival to creatively Contemporary, each home is distinctive and individual, yet not easily predictable… a homeowner’s welcomed and coveted “trophy” … a call to construct Urban Utopia!

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